The Sweet Nectar Of Symbiosis

Designed for eachother

Where the hummingbird feeds there is magic,
but not of just feathers and wings.
This magic is quite universal,
more than of small pretty things.

In nature exists a great balance,
a great web of fine woven twine.
where each little thing is connected,
where each little thing is divine.

A bird and a flower so lovely,
Individuals that make a heart fill,
but see how the two fit together,
and suddenly my heart’s standing still.

This relationship didn’t just happen,
It started before human kind.
Yet to think we’re to arrogant to listen,
afraid of what we might find?

In nature things all work together,
not all for the good of a few.
but all for the good of the flowers that bloom,
and the birds that remake them anew.

Through the sweet nectar of symbiosis,
two very different life forms collide.
each one depends on the other one’s will,
to keep living it’s own separate life.

You may miss out on this lesson,
and on the magic within that resides,
If you refuse to look and listen with heart,
or see the world with a child’s new eyes.

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