The Subtle Beauty Of Browns

When you walk into a grassland area to look at birds it seems you are mostly greeted with LBJ’s (little brown jobs) but stop long enough to really look at them and what you will find is subtle perfection. Shades of burnt orange blending with dingy browns and blazon yellows muted by earth tones.

Next time you’re in a grassland area take it slow. When the outdoors is enjoyed at the pace of nature you might be surprised at the stunning beauty you have been missing out on all this time.

The back of a dickcissel is pretty enuogh with it subtle huges and shades.

The front side, however, reviels a bright Yellow "shirt" and a black "bowtie" This dapper Fellow really is dressed to impress.

Grasshopper Sparrows take subtle beauty to another level.

Grasshopper Sparrow singing it's insect-like song.

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